Posted on June 6, 2012

We’d like to share some exciting news about the Sirius Documentary. Because of the incredible response by all of you in funding this film (over $175,000 raised!), we were able to start the development process sooner than we thought. We are one step closer towards sharing the future of disclosure, contact and new energy with the world.

Last week, Dr. Greer and his team traveled to Los Angeles to meet with the team from Neverending Light. They worked together on developing the concepts and outline for the film. Some key interviews and other exciting footage was also shot. In this update video, you’ll be able to see behind the scenes footage of the process and learn more from Dr. Greer and director Amardeep Kaleka about their vision for the film.

This is a great start, but we still need plenty of help as we move towards our next steps, including sending the production team everywhere they need to go in order to document all the pieces of this story.

Our smaller Kickstarter campaign has just 27 days left to meet its goal. The money raised there will go towards completing development and pre-production. For more information on the film and how you can help us in our campaign, please visit: 


Go to DrGreersBlog for more about the meetings in Los Angeles

and his most recent article “Invasion of the MoTus”.

Call for witnesses and evidence
We are urgently sending out a call to all networks and supporters of Disclosure for new government and corporate witnesses and whistleblowers to UFO related events and projects.  Specifically, we are looking for first hand, credible witnesses who are willing to be interviewed for this film who saw UFO events, projects, incidents or documents. Pluses are corroboration by other witnesses, documents or personal proof of military, government or corporate employment at the time of the event.

We are also looking for more witnesses to government or military (or paramilitary) operations that have staged false flag ET events such as abductions, animal mutilations, robotic creatures that appear to be ET but are not, implants and related psychological warfare events or projects designed to create an enemy in space.

We  are also seeking witnesses to new energy suppression, including any government or corporate witnesses to the suppression and illegal seizure and classification of new, advanced energy and propulsion devices or inventions as well as any civilian victims of this suppression.

Additionally we are searching for additional evidence related to UFO events, including:

> Clear and dispositive photographs and videos with clear ownership and history
> Government and Corporate documents – whether or not they have been declassified, since all UFO related projects are illegal and therefore no valid national security law can enforce secrecy
> Radar tapes and any other materials such as physical evidence of any type ( ET craft parts or materials etc)
If you or someone you know has such evidence or can be a Witness please contact me directly at this e-mail address:           

Thanks so much for your support .  Please go to:

www/ to help our kickstarter campaign reach its goal.

Each level of support comes with incentives from downloads of the documentary to dinner with Dr. Greer and Amardeep Kaleka and more.

Sirius/STAR is not a 501c3 non profit. Contributions to this project are not tax deductible under that section of the US tax law. Please consult a tax professional regarding further questions. It is not our goal to advise tax preparation and deductions. This is a matter of personal responsibility by each contributor.

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