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God said: 

It is in your best interest to express your gratitude to Me. For some of My children, this is a necessity.

It is an absolute necessity if you are someone who pours an overflowing amount of gratefulness on people, and the people you pour your gratitude on begin to believe what you say to them and seemingly drop you by the wayside. Frosting on a cake is good. Too much frosting on a cake isn’t so good.

Because someone does a favor for you, be glad. Say thank you, and be done. Because someone is nice to you, be glad. Say thank you, and be done.

A little courtesy from someone to you can go a long way. Let it, and yet do not be overly grateful as though you were a beggar whom they anointed with jewels.

Some of My children are so grateful for attention given to them that they egregiously make themselves inconsequential, and then their feelings are hurt. Where they were once grateful, they may now become resentful. They have been discounted. They have been discounted according to how they discounted themselves. Be as considerate to yourself as you are to others.

Tell Me more about your gratitude. Thank Me, and cool it with others. If you must get down on your knees, get down to Me and no other.

The question is: Why should you, one of God’s children, be overwhelmingly grateful for that which you merit from life? It is meant for you to be listened to, to have eyes look into yours, to be noticed and noted, and to be treated with utmost kindness. This is your apportioned share.

Being overwhelmingly grateful is not humble, beloveds. It is self-serving. In effect, you are saying: “Hey, look at me. I’m outstandingly grateful to you because you gave me the time of day. I am more grateful than most everybody else, aren’t I? I really know how to be grateful.”

Be grateful then. And then you and the granter of wonderful consideration are even. Balance, beloveds. Balance.

Cinderella’s eyes lit up when the Prince chose her and rescued her from the ashes. She became the Prince’s equal. She did not become his scullery maid.

Appreciate all that people give unto you for they give unto Me. Extend your appreciation. Just do not overdo it. You can keep some of your gratitude to yourself. Pour all your gratitude at My feet.

With everything, be grateful and know from Whom blessings flow.

Know that it is as blessed to receive as it is to give. When you are a receiver, you have blessed someone to be a giver. You did not ask for it. You did not expect it, and yet a blessing was given to you. It was not owed. It was given. It was given freely, and so must you accept freely. When someone has saved your life, figuratively or literally, you gave them the opportunity to be a hero, and, yet, you are not to be a hero-worshipper. Do not make someone into an idol.

Nor do you owe your life. Have gratitude all your life long to one who saves your life, yet do not owe. No one likes to be owed. Gratitude cannot be obligation, for then it is obligation and not gratitude.

When you are overly outwardly grateful, you may be tying a knot around another. Because someone once saved your life, they are not responsible to you forevermore. Set them free. There is no debt incurred, not from them to you, or you to them. Such debts have to be written off. Be not a debtor or one who owes, for those are trespasses.




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