I was just re-reading some of the messages that I have received from Jesus, and it occurred to me that the following brief one on healing (for a friend who was going through a lot of “stuff”) might well be pertinent and helpful for many who read this blog.

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Channeled Monday June 27th 2011

Good afternoon dear Jesus. A friend has been undergoing a lot of trauma lately, culminating in a terrifying and shattering experience last night. Can you offer any information as to its cause and how best to deal with it. Thanks.

Good afternoon John. Yes, your friend’s recent health issues have been very rough for her. She really needs to spend more time in extreme inactivity, as Saul put it recently, and that means relaxing her mind/brain and not trying to reason things out. I know that that is very difficult for her because she truly is an information junkie. However, as humans in the illusion, you are severely limited in all aspects of your being, and to try to resolve/understand physical body problems by reasoning alone is just not possible.

Even though basically illusory, your human bodies are incredibly complex organizational systems, and at the level of evolution that you have reached, almost completely beyond your ability to understand. You can help with basic repairs – broken bones, and damaged flesh and internal organs – but the complexity of the body’s interrelationships at the cellular level and between the organs is enormous. Your scientists/doctors have done lots of work to help them to understand the body, but, in truth, they have barely scratched the surface with regards to its complexity, and what they do to help you heal often causes further problems, many of them not readily apparent, which only come to light later as seemingly totally separate issues.

Relaxing, quietly observing a flower, a sunset, a chipmunk, or just the sky, trees, or water flowing is truly the best medicine that you can take, as it relieves the stress and turbulence in your life that causes your body to start becoming dysfunctional in the first place. It has its own extremely effective self-maintaining and healing system, and you need to allow it to use that without interfering (except for obvious physical damage as mentioned above) by relaxing, resting properly when ill, and trusting it to do the job it was made to do – keep you fit and healthy at all times. Intense stress and anxiety about its well-being uses up energy it needs to keep you healthy. So relax and allow it to work for you efficiently, effectively, and speedily.

With love, Jesus.

John Smallman | June 4, 2012 at 4:45 pm 


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