Greetings from Herak/Sirius

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Greetings from Sirius

Presentation of Frank H. Scheffler

Herak and I

Almost 20 years ago I experienced my awakening and since then I have been practising daily Kundalini-Yoga and go also into meditation .As I am feeling strongly connected and pledged to our Great Mother Gaia Iutterly want to be of service to her so that she may be cured and may ascend into 5th dimension. When I got the first messages in May 2011 and queried whom I was incontact with I obtained the response that it was Herak from Sirius who wanted to connect closely with me for a fruitful and mutual co-operation.

He told me that for about 30 years he has been in service within the solar system orbiting around earth. At present he is localized on a big spaceship in the sphere of the “ringplanet Saturn”. With his messages it is his intention to effect more understanding and clear knowledge for us lightworkers and all other humans which have not yet awakened to the light.

As we both have alike wishes deep in our hearts I feel greatly honoured totransfer all these sometimes very precise messages on behalf of the Galactic Federation to Gaia and all her human beings and thus serve to make the ascension a smooth and gentle one during this time of change. Our most prescious response to the whole universe at present is our Love deep in our hearts as we all are firmly connected with All There Is. We Are One.

Frank Scheffler

Translation by ContraMary