Message of MARIX from Sirius channeled by Sarinah 

Dated 21.02.2012


As in former times people stayed at home when their neighbours were in misery or had been betrayed in some way – many civilians now stand up to help their fellows to relieve them from their need and misery and their endured injustice.

We are observing all this and are stunned how persistently all the peace-warriors are moving on and how effective they are! However this does not show up in the mainstream media because if it did, many more people could get the same idea and jump upon the train to the New (Golden) Era !

We watch and we perceive how much you stand in for your neigbours and how you persecute enlightened actions voluntarily although there is no particlar time for doing so as you still are not freed from the old principle that is only by work that you can earn your living!

Yet be sure that nothing you do is without its inner sense and everything done will be returned to you much reinforced! And so is your service to the light a way of preparing yourselves for the actual task which you consider the vocation of your life !

Beloved ones, our love, respect and awe is dedicated to all who read these lines and also to those humans preparing for ascension of GAIA in whatever way !

Yes, we are full of awe and a sweet surge in our heart is what we sense when we ponder on future times which will allow us to shake hands with you for a heartfelt welcome on board of our lightships. We shall mutually work together up there and who else could be more appropriate than you having transgressed many incarnations on earth and on other planets! And despite of having experienced many a setback you always stood up again never disencouraged!

We also know that many a lightworker on reading these lines is trembling with impatience and we are fully conscious of where your shoes are ailing you. This is why we would like to tell you that no more we are solely to be seen in the skies or at the horizon but that we have approached so far that we have come already very near to the surface of GAIA.

Beloved ones, you don’t have any idea how well our doings proceed as the mainstream media and press hardly report on these events and if the do it is only to incite in you fear and fright.

It is by intention that we do not disclose to you our detailed plannings now as we all will see each other very soon and acting together has been always better than talking about it only.

There is only a short lap to go on the pathway until GAIA will ascend carrying you into the 5th Dimension. Bear this in mind and break away from everything which does not correspond to the highest frequency of energy ! This might induce you, especially the starseeds, that you have to undergo streaks of inner impatience interchanging with staggering premature exstacy .

No wonder, as in your nights you are on board of our ships partaking in conferences or for pure relaxation in company of your Angels and spiritual Guides. When wakening up you are completely aware of all this secret knowledge in your heart how near are all these events which we are waiting for.

Please take into consideration that one hour’s time on earth does not match with one hour’s Glactic time since we do not live by this kind of tempus. The higher your vibration ascends the more you will have enough leisure to cope with the essentials of the day with additional enough time left to enjoy also social life and relaxing playthings.

I am Marix from Sirius and I am speaking here on behalf of the Team Of First Contact Of The Galactic Federation Of Light.

On behalf of the latter group I ‘d like to nudge you a bit explaining to you that by all your daily impulses of light which we interpret as stretching your hands out towards us this had the effect that everything we have longed for is being manifested and this in a surprising way and mode — which does not come as a surprise to us— however to all those who thought that they could go on eternally and on end playing their game of greed, separation and power!

Beloved ones, It is time to meet ….. GAIA solely is calling for our help and the skies at night are in light with cascades of your beautiful energies ! This all and much more drives us to action now……how much we love you …….how much we love you…….


Thank you


Translated by Mary



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German Original Version

Von Marix durch Sarinah 21.02.2012

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