Message of MARIX from Sirius channeled by Sarinah 

Dated:  8/Feb./2012 


How exciting were our recent days! During these days we, the Lords of Light and our Allies had come together as a council to discuss mutually what procedure would be best to bring forth the disclosure. 


To raise the attention of the public nowadays is not always to the overall good. However we ‘d like to stress the point that we, of course, shall apply our highly leveled technologies in order to safeguard all Delegates of the Light and their surroundings ! 


Do not give way to any fear whatsoever and by whomsoever trying to force on you because  it is by fear that the frequency of vibration is being reduced  thus automatically distorting also your views. 


If you feel fear or for instance furious, being separated, being judged for validation, or aggression you will attract these very feelings manifested as experiences into your life due to the Law of Attraction manifesting them in your reality as you did send them out at first. 


However you are given the possibility to become true Galactic Citizens and that is why the whole universe certainly will regard you with awe.  Given such great possibility of becoming integrated will also require likewise from you that your behavior will be such as of real Galactic Members! 


This should not be difficult for you as Cosmic Laws are already well known to you.  We are astounded to see and hear what a glorious victory you did win recently! Since those who still continue with their service to others by trying to help dissolve also their issues although they themselves are worn out and burned out – they will be the first ones we shall be allowed to welcome in their earthen embodiment as Messengers of the Light onboard of our ships !   


Behind the scenery in the background much is happening which is not brought out to your knowledge as the dark side does not want you to know how they put under pressure that certain State trying to prevent it from proceeding with Disclosure! 


But do not worry we keep our promise and you may only pre-sense how near we have come to that date which we call Disclosure- or The Day of Declaration! Our planning of First Contact  with your Planet may be compared to your PC’s  system applying to itself repeatedly updates for its best possible matching level. 


Shadow and Light, Chaff and Corn, both belong together, yet only as long until harvesting times are starting when the essence becomes visible what is chaff and what corn? How will the Shadow Side react when touched by the immensely and ever-increasing downstream of light? 

You all derive from One Source and also those playing the GAME OF SHADOW will return to the Source of One in whatever way! 


We are grateful for your hands stretching out to us and for you being so willing and prepared for the First Contact with us, alike such your saying:” Together we are strong “!  Thus much has been achieved during the last weeks and although still hidden from the public eyes it won’t be long before it comes into the open. 


Solely the increase of TV-shows  and news which all are attempts to evoke in you fear and terrified feelings in regard to our probable arrival should signal how near we have come to such event. The Old World Liga does not fear anything more than common people’s wake-up and full consciousness  


We are coming in peace and with unconditioned love and presents for you of which one is the full consciousness which will give you the independence from everything before you had to pay with money. 


Thus you are liberating yourself in the very sense of its meaning as with your concsious choice to experience the change of paradigma while still in your earthly body it is as if the Creator had given you a blank cheque : 

Granting you everything that is needed by you to reach the final goal and for the wellbeing of all! 


And if you feel sometimes that your life is not running perfectly around you only need to open up your hands, hold them up making use of the Law of Attraction, in order to obtain abundance granted and given to you in a speedy way.  Be abundance yourself and feel it with all your bodily cells and you will be able to live it ! Easier said than done? Now, the higher your vibration is ascending the more you will be able to live the life of an Angel on Earth  in full power and responsibility! 


I am Marix from Sirius and I am grateful for being thus allowed to speak to you in such way . We, all of us, your Archangels, Angels, and your Spiritual Guides, the Cousins from Inner Earth and, last not least, your Galactic Family are full in Love for You !   We know how wonderful you are, we are fully aware of all your issues, we do know ………….. 


Thank you Marix 


Translated by Mary 


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