So wonderful it is beloved hearts to speak through your sister once again. Every day is a beautiful day when you are filled with love and walk with God in all your ventures. 
There is so much phenomenal potential for every single person that lives on Earth today. Around you are vast amounts of opportunities to make contact with God and those of the Divine and other deities that have dedicated their lives to their faith in God. I understand the hardships you have endured have created a hardness in your heart to be able to see the Light of God clearly. Know this beloved hearts, God’s infinite light  has never dimmed, it is always there for you to extend your reach and open your loving hearts further to let more of this endearing light in to heal your wounds that life has brought upon your beautiful soul. God’s Love is your balm to all wounds that has left you in the midst of despair. Let God in beloved hearts, and allow yourself to know unconditional love. Feel the divine warmth spread throughout your body. Let go of all walls and defenses and simply allow the loving feeling to enter and nurture you beloved hearts.

You know beloved hearts there are many kinds of people that you share this fine planet with. There are those who are simply living and then there are the dear souls who are also walking with God. What this means dear ones is that there are people who only have faith in themselves, and there are those who have pure unaltered faith in God. Everyone lives beloved one through the choices made for them to live as they are, God extends His hand to all and encourages each and every dear soul to walk with Him and bask in His glorious Light. 
Do not blessed hearts consume yourself with so much worries and burdens. Share these with God, release your concerns to the beautiful angelic beings that move with you and who wish to relieve you of your discomforts. I encourage you beloved hearts to maintain your belief in God, knowing there is a greater purpose for all that has occurred. Through the Light and Love of God you will discover your greater purpose and find yourself revelling in joy that is love filled for you and all of mankind. I urge every beloved heart to not allow your heart to be any more troubled. Believe in God, and yes believe in me.  I have walked the path of light and I have had my own share of distractions. During my curiosities my faith in my connectedness with God never wavered. God beloved hearts is all around you, above, below and within. You know deep inside this to be true. Your fellowship and relationship with God is only the beginning of your preparations of your future. There are many who do not have complete faith in God and this is well understood as they must come to their own conclusions and realizations and in time, not necessarily in this life but in another the realization of the importance of God will settle deeply in their lovely hearts. No matter where a person sits with their views of God, God does not turn His back, God loves and nurtures all equally and never does God judge you for any errors that you may have created. Any judgments made are from yourself and others who cast assumptions and opinions. Know yourself beloved hearts and believe in who you are, knowing you are absolutely loved by the mighty Father of the Heavens.

I made it a point to commit my journey to follow in God’s Light and to God’s word. This was my conscious choice beloved hearts. The life style that is apparent today is more about pleasing one’s self and not living a more selfless life. There are few that commit themselves to the Word and Love of God. They do not live their lives for carnal pleasure but they live in the pleasure of their relationship with God. A life where following the Word of God does not mean you give up anything other than what has been holding you back, weighing you down from your true potential. How many times have you put God first or included God in normal activities like celebrations, births, or just to have tea? The era which you live is vastly about pleasuring yourself first, making sure you have the latest gadgets, cars, designer clothes, hair done, etc. You do not need to own a bible to dedicate yourself to the Word and Love of God. Many who follow the path of God are not bible owners; many are not even Christian; they are believers and faith holders in God’s Love and Light. They aim at reaching spiritual attainment through God that will provide direction that will illuminate a path that will lead to their absolute truth and purpose. 
Many beloved hearts are seeking the truth and what truth are they seeking? The truth of themselves, of the world, of God, of others? The list of possible questions is endless. The truth seekers must be ready to face the truth regardless of its beauty or ugliness. To discover yourself, you must seek your own truth. To live a righteous life that is filled with honest goodness, you must accept your complete and whole self. If you only accept the good parts then the life you lead and what you are building for the future will be incomplete and imbalanced. God will walk with you if you ask Him to. It is okay if you cannot feel God’s presence, just know God is there. Speak to God and listen closely to the reply that will come through your heart. God will not answer loudly, but answer God will do. Don’t allow second guessing that is created through the Ego, believe in your heart the answers that come through after you ask or think the questions are being delivered by God, the Heavenly Father of the Heavens.
I urge you beloved hearts to talk with God as you go about your daily tasks; walk with God as you walk down the sidewalk of your journey. God is more than a Father; God can be your friend. Have you ever thought of God being your friend? Many only call for God’s help when they need saving or someone to blame. God is there for all parts of your life. God as others of the divine will show you directions that will enlighten your path, increase your knowledge and ability to share your ever growing wisdom. Even with us directing you, it is YOU that must inevitably choose. Always make a point to choose what is the highest of good for you and all those affected by your choice. All decisions beloved hearts regardless if they have a favourable outcome or a possible discomforting outcome all carry lessons that are to be understood and learned. Seek comfort with God when you manoeuvre through each one, ask for assistance from the many angels that move with you to shelter some of the grief. There is no turn on your journey that you walk alone.

When you make the conscious decision to walk with God understand there is no obeying of do’s and don’ts’ When you decide to walk with God because you believe in God’s word and love you are choosing to live your life harmoniously to God’s word and you believe what God says is the best for your life. As you walk beside God you do this by faith by simply believing in God. Life does not need to be complicated, life is meant to enjoyed, with joy and love. Every time you exercise Faith beloved hearts you are walking beside God. A little faith beloved hearts will escort your soul to the heavens, but an abundant amount of faith with guide heaven to your soul. When you let God into your heart and believe in ALL that God is, you will discover your own divinity and a different world than you once knew. Through God’s Love to you, you will learn how to be victorious over past errors that have prevented you from achieving the spiritual growth you deserve. 
As you can see through my transmission through your sister today, my Love for God has never been vanquished, instead it remains steady and forever burning in my own beloved heart. We are nearing the end to today’s discussion; given this does not mean I am not with you. I am always with you when you ask of me to be with you. 
And so it is, Master Enoch through Julie Miller



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