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My fellow Dinarlandians,


We are all weary. It has been a long trudge. 6-years for me, 10-years for others, and decades for still others. A very very loooooooooooong and sometimes very heavy trudge.


Here’s how I’ve come to think of it, and in a channeling with Linda Dillon, Divine Mother confirmed it: Holding Currency is Holding the Light for the Golden Age of Gaia. Holding Currency is Anchoring Nova Earth. Holding Currency is remaining valiant, unafraid and unwavering in the face of adversity, glitches, setbacks and delays.

这里是我的想法,在 Linda Dillon的通灵中,神圣之母证实:承载货币就是为盖亚的黄金时代承载光。承载货币就是锚定地球新星。承载货币保持勇猛,无畏,坚定地面对逆境,毛刺,挫折和延迟

We are lightworkers. We signed up for this. We are light-warriors. We are strong. We can do ANYTHING.


We can hold the light in the darkness. We can hold the faith in the chaos. We can remain calm in the face of false MSM headlines. We can remain peaceful in the face of finger pointing and divisiveness.


We are light-holders. That is our primary job, before all our other jobs.


In the last few years especially, since October 2015 by my counting, we’ve weathered more than 100-incorrect “this it is!” exchange-dates. We’ve read dozens of INTEL SITREPS trumpeting “This is our weekend to exchange! This is our month to exchange! This is our Equinox to exchange!” etc. And hundreds of those “this is it!” dates have come and gone.


The INTEL gurus are not to be blamed. They are doing the best they can. They have been wonderful in keeping us hopeful and entertained on this path.


But if this weekend turns out to be another one of those “this is it!” dates that comes and goes, it will be well to take note of something Matthew Ward said in his last channeling. I think it’s especially relevant for Currency Holder/Lightworkers:

但如果这周末又是另一个“就是它!”的日子,去注意Matthew Ward 在最近的通灵中所说的话会是不错的选择。我想它尤其与货币承载者/光之工作者有关:

“Absolutely the presence of other civilizations will be officially revealed, but please don’t expect it on a date specified in some message circulating on the Internet—dark sources ascribe fictitious times to events they know will not happen. When the date comes but the event does not, likely reactions include disillusionment, discouragement or anger, feelings that emit the low vibrations dark ones feed on, and if the nonevent convinces people that nothing in channeled messages is believable, that amounts to a double dark coup.”


September 25, 2017 – Matthew Books

This is ESSENTIAL for us to remember here in Dinarland. Dates have come and gone, but we must not give into disappointment or frustration. We must not give darkness that satisfaction. I say to myself, “I WILL exchange. I AM strong enough to survive anything the dark can dish out. I AM anchoring Nova Earth with kindness, love, peace, abundance, beauty, health, happiness, truth and integrity. All will be well and all IS well.” And so it is.


Hold fast, my friends. Our time to exchange is coming. Our time to roll up our sleeves and help much more than we can at the moment IS coming. What a wonderful and glorious time it will be. I’m hanging in there with you. I have faith. I believe. We are LIGHTWORKERS and LIGHTHOLDERS! We can do ANYTHING!


Endless thanks to Patrick, PinkRoses, Judy Byington,Sheldan Nidle, Steve Beckow, Matthew Ward, Linda Dillon, Mike Quinsey, David Wilcock, Hilarion, Bruce at the Big Call, Yosef — everyone who has so generously given their time, channeling, transcribing and updating to all of us incredibly lucky and blessed Currency Holders. Unceasing blessings to you all.

无尽地感谢Patrick, PinkRoses, Judy Byington, Sheldan Nidle, Steve Beckow, Matthew Ward, Linda Dillon, Mike Quinsey, David Wilcock, Hilarion, Bruce at the Big Call, Yosef —任何慷慨地付出自己的时间,通灵,翻译,更新的人,我们难以置信的幸运和受祝福的货币承载者。无尽的祝福送给你们

Enclose another link to an article I also think worth remembering. Era of Light: A Simple Head’s Up.

我还想提及一个文章的连接。Era of Light: A Simple Head’s Up. https://eraoflight.com/2017/09/26/a-simple-heads-up/

Happy Saturday,




翻译:Nick Chan


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