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This is Juliano speaking through San, my channel right now. New frequencies of light are coming faster than ever before towards the earth, and this can be experienced as various ascension symptoms and uncomfortable feelings. Insomnia is one of them. Higher frequencies can sometimes make you feel wound up and not being able to come to rest. Thoughts are flying all over the place which will feel like a setback for some of you when thoughts that you were sure you had let go of, are brought back to the surface. The time that is coming now is a time of deep cleansing, the energy flowing through you and the earth are meant to shake loose the deeply rooted blockages and the remains that are still in you. This is so that you don’t stagnate in your work with releasing the emotions and behavior patterns that are no longer beneficial. This is a tough time for many of you and I want you to know in love and light that you are not alone and that we, the Arcturians, are with you every step of the way.

我是 Juliano,通过San说话,现在是我的管道了。新的光之频率在前所未有的速率中到达地球,这会让你体验到不同的扬升症状和不舒服的感受。失眠就是其中之一。更高的频率有时候会让你感到兴奋,无法休息。想法四处乱窜,会让一些人感到挫败,当想法是你认为已经放下的,又被带到了表面。现在是深度清理的时刻,流经你和地球的能量是来动摇根深蒂固的堵塞以及残余(你之内的)。这样你就不会在释放不再有益的情绪和行为模式中停滞。对许多人来说这是艰难的时刻,我想要你知道,在爱与光中,你不孤单,我们,大角星,每一步都与你在一起

You each have your own Arcturian guide and I encourage you all to reach out to your guides to get help with raising your vibrations and to receive comfort, hope and love in the tough times that may come. When the darkness is leaving, some bats may fly out the door which might be frightening for some of you. But don’t be discouraged beautiful lightworkers, everything is the way it is supposed to be and you are right where you need to be in your work. Everything is happening according to plan and all is well – In eternity and in the unconditional infinity of love.


May you find your way home.


With love//Juliano


With love and light it is I Sananda who is speaking to you.


Julianos message is true, we are looking upon a time of deep cleansing and clearing of old behavior patterns, emotions and the dissolving of the ego. This may be painful for those of you that instead of dealing with certain emotions have put them on the shelf or put yourselves in situations where these emotions are never triggered.


The time that is now coming will be like a giant mirror following you wherever you go. Everything you see will trigger the deepest wounds within you to make you work on them. For those of you who aren’t ready to let go there might be a tough period of hopelessness and you may loose yourselves in powerful emotional storms that may follow. For those of you who are ready with the tools and the courage to let go there will be an enormous raising of vibrations both planetary and individually.


The strongest lightworkers will transform the largest part, so far, of the collective human consciousness. The biggest that has ever been done. This in turn will help the rest of you with the intention to finally release and let go. This is a very exciting time, a very exciting time and all are gathered around you to help, guide and support.


That is the most important thing to remember, that you have tremendous help in the work that is to come. You are not alone and each of you has an enormous team of guides and angels standing ready to assist you whenever needed.


Everything really is well and everything really will be well, I am so proud of you. I know how hard it is to feel these emotions of low vibration, to be limited in your physical body and the longing for freedom and for the home of unconditional love. Don’t be discouraged. We are with you every step of the way.


My love for you is eternal.


With light//Sananda




翻译:Nick Chan

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